SATIS Toilets Can be Controlled with Smartphones

December 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

I don’t know whether to classify this as ingenious or weird, but I’m sure that there would be takers for it. It’s all about how you treat your waste the hi-tech way, and Japan seems to find novel ways of doing it.

The Land of the Rising Sun could also be called as the land of multi-functional commodes, as they flush out futuristic toilets every now and then. The latest one to enter markets is an Inax brand, SATIS model toilets.

Users can handle the commodes with their smartphones and the toilets are even Bluetooth enabled. And yes, you can do a lot more than just flush!

There’s an accompanying MySatis app to go with the toilet, using which you can wirelessly raise and lower your toilet seat, flush and turn on the bidet as well. All this through fiddling with your smartphone while attending nature’s call.

There are options to control the intensity of the flush or the bidet spray, and users can check the water and electricity consumption each time they flush. They can program their personal settings using the app, so they get the perfect toilet experience.

There’s a medical aspect to this futuristic toilet. People can record their bowel movements in the app’s Toilet Diary, so that they can provide their doctors an account of their toilet affairs.

To top it all, the toilet comes with built-in speakers, allowing users to stream music in from their smartphones to the toilet. Nothing like soothing music to help you relax!

Did the futuristic, super-toilet grab our interest? It will be available in February 2013, and will be costing around $4,540 (around 380,000 yen), so dream of it only if you have the dough to spend.

As of now, the toilet app is set for Android devices, but an iOS version is under development. Well, toilet humor would take off into a whole new plane with the advent of super-toilets.

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