Ca-Fi Dashlinq Infotainment Unit for Cars Makes Driving a Better Experience

December 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Car entertainment units have been taking the Android way for quite some time now. And there’s no dearth of infotainment systems either.

We have a new line from Ca-Fi, labelled as Dashlinq car head units, which will be having Android as the platform. They have got some nice set of features that you would certainly hope to have in your car.

The system running on Android 2.3, sports a 6.95-inch multi-touchscreen, with a resolution of 800×480. You get an SD card slot, optional WiFi and 3G, a USB port , Bluetooth and GPS.

To add to those features, the system can be integrated to have full steering wheel control support and dual zone support. The unit is powered by an extra digital signal processor (DSP)and supports a 9 band EQ setting and the full radio.

Having it Bluetooth enabled means you can drive and take your calls hands-free, as well as stream your audio too. There are ports in the back side which can be used for plugging in additional cameras or monitors, in case you need any.

The price of the Dashlinq starts at 499 Euros for the universal version. The system would be available in January, so you can start off the New Year with a new car accessory to ease your drive.

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