Brooklyn Cops Use Facebook to Take Down 250-Member Gang

December 14, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Social media is such a spread out, that almost everyone everywhere is immersed deeply into it. And that can’t be such a good thing if you are a gang member.

A gang, who was hung up on social networking, got nabbed by cops, partly because they were bragging about it online. That’s never a wise thing to do.

This funny, as well as clever, incident occurred in Brooklyn. It’s funny on the part of the 250-member gang, and a clever move on the part of the authorities.

The authorities said that the 41-members of the gang, who were indicted, boasted online to their “undercover” friends about various crimes they had committed. Detectives were on a year-long investigation, and they convinced several gang members during that time to accept their “friend” requests on Facebook.

The Bushwick-based gang True Bosses Only (or TBO) uses coded language online and law enforcement officials were able to decipher these codes on befriending them on Facebook. They were able to find out information on crimes including threats against rival gangs, and use them to compile the evidence needed for the crimes, including that of a fatal shooting.

Out of the 41 men, 22 were arrested last week, over a three-day period. Several of the others are being sought out by the police.

The gang has two subsets: 730 Krookz and RGz, and these sections have members as young as 12-year olds. The members pay regular weekly dues, which ranges from $10 to $150, depending on their rank.

The proceeds are used to rope in illegal weapons, bail, drugs and also to fund the prisoners’ commissary accounts on Rikers Island jail. The authorities have stamped down a 68-count indictment that includes charges for murder, burglary, conspiracy, robbery and assault, among others.

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