RIM Market Presence Hangs in Balance

December 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Perhaps the decline of the decade could be observed in RIM, whose strong market share has plummeted sharply within the last couple of years. BlackBerry devices, from being one among the most prevalent smartphones among people, have now dwindled to a handful among a hundred customers.

The company’s stock price has fallen down a great deal, as well as the market share, which is now only a meager eight percent. And the decline is seen continuing through each quarter.

Which is why there is a great deal hanging over the impending launch of RIM’s new line of BlackBerry 10 devices in the first quarter of 2013. BlackBerry 10 is expected to stir things up for RIM and try to save the from the continuing fall.

It was BlackBerry who brought in the corporate edge to mobile devices, complete with a QWERTY keyboard and email service. It brought in data plans and services that competed by a wide margin with other mobile service offerings.

But then more organizations popped up with better services and newer platforms with multiple choices for the customer that took the edge away from RIM. BlackBerry became outdated while improved versions of Android, iOS and Windows Phones took the market by storm.

Since the mobile market is dynamic, with ever changing applications and innovations emerging every day, people get used to the new ones and discard the old ones quickly. That’s what happened to RIM.

The Canadian company needs to spin its innovation wheels faster to keep up with the other competitors. And it’s got not one, but three main competitors in the front: Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

RIM has got to strengthen it’s platform for developers to provide new and more applications. The BlackBerry OS currently has a stack of about 60,000 apps, which is way too short when compared to the iOS and Android, or even Windows Phone, app library.

Windows Phone devices are gaining rapid ground on being a corporate device, especially with Microsoft’s touch at every step prodding them along. RIM needs to hit hard with their BlackBerry 10 before they get eliminated from the scene.

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