The Dark Knight Rises Flash Drive Gets Official

December 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are a hardcore Christopher Nolan fan, then you can find the Batman inside you with this all new unique flash drive. This collector’s item not only saves you from boredom but it also makes a brand new addition to your Bat collection (if you have one).

Apparently, Warner Bros decided that its fans around the world needed to switch to a Batman flash-drive, instead of using the traditional Kingston or SanDisk flash-drive. This 16 GB flash-drive is made from a company called Infothink and the product was set after the launch of the final addition to the Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises.

Though the flash-drive does not have anything to do with the movie, this device is launched as an officially licensed Warner Bros product. This product stands unique with a removable Batman head, which looks just like the real Christian bale in the Bat-suit and the eyes of the figure start to glow when plugged to a USB port.

And it’s not just the eyes, guys, the chest logo glows when plugged into the USB port and it also acts as the USB hub that holds the flash drive when you are not using it. You can purchase this flash-drive for $86.99.

This officially licensed collectible is made from plastic and stands 10 cm tall and doesn’t come for a song. But you can’t really expect a low price tag on a Warner Bros product, Can you?

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