New Year Eve Fireworks in Sydney will be Followed by Smartphone-Powered Light Show

December 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

New Year’s Eve is a special time for every one as it is the beginning of a new chapter in our life. We would do nothing more than to celebrate the last day of the year with little firecrackers to celebrate the spoils and merits of the ending year.

Well, Sydney plans to preserve the tradition this year as well, and the city plans to host a stunning display of fireworks over Sydney Harbour when the needle strikes midnight. But this year, things are going to get done quite differently as Sydney plans to mix a bit of technology with the fireworks.

An app has been developed and will be made available for those who attend the ceremony.  All those who possess an iPhone or any Android handset will be able to synchronize their Smartphones for the light show.

If the viewers are to hold their handsets up in the sky, then the phone will display different colours at designated times throughout the night. The famous band, Coldplay, has also used a similar tactic in the past, when they handed out LED wristbands on their Mylo Xyloto tour that were designed to light up in time with the music; a lighting event which became a memorable night for the spectators.

Apparently, Sydney has two firework shows planned for New Year’s Eve. The first one will be the conventional family fireworks event at 9pm and the main event will start when the event organizers attempt to start the Smartphone light show as the clock strikes midnight.

So, Sydney assures us that if everything goes as planned then this New Years Eve could be the most special night that Sydney has witnessed before. This show could be proof of how even the simplest technology can make certain moments in life magical.

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