Ubi Turns Off Lamps and Looks After Your Baby

December 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A home computer is almost a part of the furniture nowadays, and you are bound to find one in every five house you visit. Most of the houses even have a laptop, apart from the usual desktop computer.

But whatever you may have, it all goes down to typing down commands if you need your system to work. How cool would it be if your computer could talk back to you (not exactly the way Siri would respond), and provide you advice on your home chores?

It would be really awesome and that’s why you should check out Ubi, which is short for ubiquitous computer. Ubi rose up from a successful Kickstarter campaign in September, and is the work of three engineers in Toronto.

The creators deem Ubi as the house master’s helping hand, with eyes and hands needed for completing home tasks like internet browsing, reminding people about appointments etc. A look at the screenshot and Ubi would seem to you like a speaker.

It’s rectangular box which can plug into the wall outlet, and you can connect it to WiFi. The user would find it a helpful gadget, much like how Siri helps the iPhone user.

You can catch the little machine in action in the video below. The video shows a man, who is prepping his coffee, asking Ubi to turn off the lamp in his living room.

Ubi on the wall comes alive and we can notice the living room lights being switched off. Ubi then responds with “the light in the living room is off”.
Now that is some intelligent innovation, I tell you. I would definitely love Ubi to adorn my wall and help me with tasks.

The device has more uses than just turning off lights. It can function as a baby monitor or as a noise-pollution monitor.

It can act as an alarm clock, or you can call people through it. Ubi also informs you of the weather so you can dress appropriately. You can monitor the pressure, temperature, humidity and ambient light of a room, and record it online, all through Ubi.

Now if none of these features are enough for you, you can create your own applications that Ubi can adopt. The technology is an open platform that allows developers to add their own uses.

Ubi is available for pre-order at $219. I have pre-ordered mine and can’t wait to have it installed in my room.

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