Wii Mini Releasing Without SD Card Slot; Launch Limited to Canada

December 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The first Wii Mini rumors sparked interest in the hearts of gamers. The availability of a smaller and brighter console with a price tag under $100 was appealing to many.

But then when the specifications started dripping out, interest of many waned. The low price tag appeared at the expense of cutting down some features.

The Wii Mini doesn’t carry compatibility with Gamecube games and also doesn’t feature the ports for connecting a Gamecube controller. That in itself is a letdown, but the downsizing went to the extent of keeping the console isolated from the internet so players won’t be able to download any games.

Moreover, Nintendo has limited the availability of the diminutive console to gamers in Canada. But with lack of some mainstream features, I guess not many gamers worldwide would be disappointed.

Furthermore, the Wii Mini doesn’t carry an SD Card slot. This is a major flaw as gamers won’t be able to transfer saves or games on or off the console.

Considering all these, the machine is certainly not worth the money if you are a regular gamer. It certainly is not fit enough to be considered over the Wii.

Maybe Nintendo realizes these facts and that’s one reason maybe why they aren’t selling the machine in other countries. And that’s probably for the best because I honestly can’t see anyone going for the console that is practically of not much of an investment.

Customers can get a Wii for around $160 and that too with a game, while having the Wii Mini at $60 less doesn’t offer anything, not even that one free game (not to mention the lack of features). What was Nintendo thinking when they planned the Wii Mini?

The company is looking to promote the smaller console as a perfect platform for Wii games. But the paradox here is that you can’t access all the Wii games on the Mini and the data is locked inside the machine for eternity.

The Wii Mini will release in Canada on December 7th. We will have to wait and see whether the company will get any sales figures on this boy.

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