Samsung Galaxy Note II to Get Multi-Window Compatibility for YouTube and Gmail

December 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II is a very satisfying device, and the company is planning to make it even more useful to users. A software update is on the cards for Galaxy Note II, which will allow users to gain more from the device’s multi-window feature.

The software update will bring in new versions of YouTube and Gmail which will be compatible with the multi-window feature.

The announcement was confirmed by the Twitter account for Samsung Support USA, who said the update would be “available soon.”

With the multi-window feature, users are able to split their Note II screens in order to view multiple apps at the same time. This allows users to work on different apps at the same time without going to the trouble of minimising or termination one app for the sake of another.

But not all applications are compatible with this feature. Users had posed questions at Samsung Support, asking why some of the apps, especially their Gmail and YouTube, weren’t visible in the multi-window panel. Samsung Support replied that the feature would soon be in place, and that an upgrade is on the cards soon.

Apparently, Samsung Galaxy Note II owners on Verizon will most likely get the upgrade first. No specific date has been given as yet, though.

Sprint’s version of the Galaxy Note II received the multi-window feature first, while Verizon got it’s upgrade earlier this week. We can expect the new update to roll out within a few days.

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