Mozilla Firefox Improving Private Browsing Mode

December 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Mozilla is rebuilding Firefox’s private browsing. The process has actually taken a long time in getting something done.

The Buzilla entry was submitted way back in the winter of 2008. The company started the development only earlier this year, and now it is all set to go.

The official Nightly branch would be carrying the change soon. This is supposed to simplify the way you want your private ‘workings’.

As of now, when you open a private browsing session, Firefox records all the open tabs, then closes them and launch a new window in the private browsing mode. Other browsers do a tad better.

Chrome and Internet explorer can switch to their private browsing mode smoothly by launching a new window on the previous session. On the other hand, Opera allows users to open private tabs right next to the regular ones.

Mozilla went for the same technique as Microsoft and Google and will bring in a patch that will allow users to open a new private window without having the browser to restart. This will serve better because users won’t have to relaunch the browser after the private session.

Simply closing the private window will bring you back to the regular, open tabs. Mozilla deems it safer than having to open up private tabs next to the regular ones.

The company’s developers say that mixing private and non-private tabs would result in confusion and the user might accidentally type in the wrong URL into the regular tab. Now that’s a mistake we don’t want to make, right?

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