Kohler Bluetooth Showerhead Sprays Music to Ward Off Morning Blues

December 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Who doesn’t like singing in the shower? If you are among one of those people who like to let go of themselves during their shower time, then we’ve got just the product that will make your shower time more enjoyable!

Kohler has set out to make your shower time fun by adding a bit of technology in your bathroom. The company has announced that it has created a showerhead that lets you turn on the tunes spontaneously in middle of your bath and get a kick start for your day.

The Moxie showerhead plus a wireless speaker delivers up to 7 hours of music, so you don’t need to worry about the device ever running out of energy. This shower head can also act as a Bluetooth device that lets you take your important office calls while you are in the bathroom.

It’s not just that, you can also listen to your morning news in your bathroom as well. This innovation not only speeds up your morning, but can also get rid of your early morning blues.

All you need to take care is to not get carried away during your shower time and waste a lot of water. Kohler has looked into this problem too, as the shower head features a water saving facility.

It is available with a water-saving 2.0 gpm or a 2.5 gpm spray. The magnetically detachable waterproof speaker can be charged through the built-in USB connection.

The best part of the $199 device is that it lets you save water without compromising on performance and you get to wirelessly stream tunes or podcasts for up to seven hours.

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