Eton Boost Turbine Powers Up Your Smartphone Even When There is a Power Outage

December 1, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Hurricanes, including Sandy, have brought about a lot of damage and have taken many lives. While there is no way to tackle the power outage situations created by these cyclones, a company called Eton has found a way to keep smartphones with enough juice to call 911 or send emergency messages.

They have launched a product called Boost Turbine, which is basically a hand cranked generator that will power up smartphones for a small amount of time, so that phones can be used as an aid for communication in emergency scenarios.

This portable power pack has a 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery, an aluminum body, and an LED charge indicator with microUSB input to use with the phone charger so that users can power-up their phones on the go.

The casing comes in four colors, including black, red, white, and silver. But the best part of this device is the built-in hand turbine power generator, which lets the user recharge the battery manually.

Users of the Boost Turbine 2000 can charge their phones from wherever they may be and so that there is no need to search for an outlet. Available at Eton’s webstore, this device is available for a starting price of $50. Meanwhile, color versions cost $60.

Will this device cater to every power need? Hopefully for the case of handheld devices, the answer is yes. Research is on to manifold the power output and someday users will be able to power up whole houses by using modified versions of these devices.

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