popSlate to Provide Additional Screen for iPhone 5; Other Smartphones to Get it Too Soon

November 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With popSlate coming to the Apple iPhone 5, this smartphone users will get to taste two screens that can work simultaneously. Multi-tasking will be getting to know new horizons and the best part is that no one should be carrying around a separate device for all this to happen. This E-ink’ screen is 100% customizable and always illuminated leaving its owners nothing but happiness and productivity.

The popSlate actually borrows power from the Lightning Connector, but considering the low battery requirements of E-ink, the screen keeps on displaying your selected image until it’s changed.

The popSlate social app offers social functionality to share pictures with friends, or pop an image to the back of the case. When the iPhone is face-down, the app uses the device’s accelerometer to interpret taps on the back of the case. The case opens a whole bunch of opportunities to display images that would otherwise require draining the iPhone 5’s battery to keep static.

Beyond the on-the-go customization, imagine using the back screen to display a grocery shopping list, map, or speech notes to tickle your brain.

There is also a chance that Apple will go deeply into this popSlate technology on their future devices to give the consumer world something that is more innovative than all other current technologies.

So with negligible battery usage and infinite possibilities, popSlate is definitely going to prove its worth in the near future. With technologies sprouting up every day, it’s nice to see that the world is finally becoming a place that is nice to live on.

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