Zapd 2.0 iPhone App Lets You Build Websites and Follow Friends

November 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Website designers might know about Zapd, an iPhone app that allows you to build simple websites with your iPhone. The app is a really helpful application that even novices can use to create their own attractive websites.

Zapd has got a new version now- Zapd 2.0. While with Zapd, you can have only your content, like photos, in the website, Zapd allows you to create a website where your friends and family can share their own content too.

In a way, you can create a big blog or album where you can bring in contributions from your friends, which is a really cool way to whip up something cool. The new version works much like the same way as the old version.

The app has 45 different templates from which you can choose your desired one. Pick a name for your site and then start with adding texts and photos and links. It’s all just dragging and dropping, so nothing too complicated.

The only thing you might feel is a bit tricky would be the size of your iPhone screen. But it works out just fine.

When you finish your creation, Zapd will publish your site to a custom URL. You can also choose to share it through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

The app has a social feature that lets you keep in touch with your friends. An Instagram-like feed of other users’ Zaps is also present and you can follow your friends or let your friends follow you.

The downside is that Zapd is only available for iPhones. The iPad version is still missing, but if you have the app downloaded on your device, your published zaps will reformat itself to the screen of your device.

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