You Can Now Power an Electric Candle with a Regular One

November 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever tried powering an electric candle using a regular candle? Chances are that you might think why anyone should need to power an electric candle with a regular candle. Why not just light the candle, or turn on the electric candle? Or that is what you might think.

Instructables Technology Community and Content Manager Randy Sarafan has come out with a unique method for building a Candle-Powered Electric lamp. He has posted a guide on how to make such a candle, and his page says the project is part of his own emergency preparedness in the wake of massive power outages in New York and New Jersey as a fall out of Hurricane Sandy.

The project doesn’t need too many materials apart from about 1,000,000 tea lights, which you can buy from Ikea for $1.99. You will simply need an electric candle, at least one candle, four 12″ x 3/16″ aluminum rods, and four 3/16″ shaft collars.

You’ll also need a Peltier heat sink assembly that can act as a heat pump. Consisting of a “hot side” and a “cold side,” the assembly has an attached insulator that emits heat as the heat sink cools off.

One aspect you need to remember is to make sure not to leave the Candle-Powered Electric Candle unattended. Just to be on the safe side, don’t feed it after midnight, either.

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