Picture Password Lockscreen for Android Adds Security to Your Device [Video]

November 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android’s got a new password setting: Picture Password Lockscreen. The app uses a background image upon which you would have to draw symbols.

There’s a similar app in Windows 8, so maybe the idea originated from there. In Picture Password, you set the pattern so only you would know how to draw the correct symbols.

The app will ask you to draw a circle, a dot and a line anywhere on the background image, and only when you do it correctly will the phone unlock. As you set up the app, you can draw these symbols anywhere you want, and later when you unlock, you would have to draw them in exactly the same way you did when you set it up.

It’s also quite hard for someone to copy your actions on the screen. Also, the app doesn’t give out any on-screen clues or hints to help you unlock, so no stranger can unlock it either.

You can also add a PIN as a backup. The option is available when you set the app up.

It is highly recommended that you set the backup PIN, as it adds another layer of security. Moreover, you can also set the number of retries before you get prompted for it.

The app is free from Google Play, so download one now for stronger security. Also available is a Plus Key for just $4, and this will give some extra features like the ability to start the app on boot, the option to add the time to lock the screen and a few other features.

Watch the video below to see the Picture Password in action.

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