ZTE Apache 8-Core Smart Device in the Works

November 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The usual four cores aren’t enough for you, right? Don’t fret, for you are in for something better. And the innovation is set for sail from the far-east very soon.

China has been a tad ahead in thinking of new enhancements, and this time around we hear ZTE is all geared up to grab some tech limelight.

The promise of a smart handset that will hide under the bonnet 8 cores is what the tech headline space is raving about at the moment. ZTE is said to be lining up a device that would house within itself an Apache 8-core.

The ZTE Apache 8-core smartphone would have a spruce up a 28nm ARM15 Mediatek chip under the hood.  The rumoured handset will also require a powerful battery pack too that would be needed to power all 8 cores so that the device has a longer life.

Expected to debut sometime in 2013, the device might be in for some serious reviews when it comes. We are waiting too.

Do you think ZTE has the potential to silence detractors? If yes, would you be going for this device when it finally arrives in your midst next year? Tell us all about it.

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