Facebook Posters Encourage Employees to Dump iPhone for Android

November 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook is holding the Android torch, requesting its employees to turn to Android instead of iOS. They are even using posters to encourage employees to make the transition from iPhone to Android.

The company’s walls, at headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., are being adorned with posters that say “switch today”.

This new inclination of the social networking giant had been reported back in August, when the company reportedly “nudged, cajoled, and even ordered” their employees to dump their iPhones for Android devices.

This actually is quite a contrasting sight from the past. Earlier, Facebook used to give their employees iPhones rather than Android. But now, the move, they say, is due to the growing utilization of the Facebook app on Android.

The Android version of the app has come under the radar for being slow and scarce on useful features, so the company is looking to improve its Android functionality.

Encouraging its employees to switch over to Android is one way they are looking to improve their experience on the platform.

Android, incidentally, has the largest marketshare of the social networking site. The platform has under its belt 68.1 percent of the smartphone market while Apple’s iOS has got only 16.9 percent.

One of the posters on the site’s HQ walls displays the IDC data predicting Android’s dominance of the smartphone market.

The posters ask the employees to reach out to Facebook’s help desk immediately to change their device from iOS to Android.

Well, I guess Facebook holding the Android flag isn’t about favoring one over the other. It’s all business, with a view to enhancing and improving their own presence in the mobile world.

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