Facial Recognition Tech Powered EyeSee Mannequins to Keep a Watch on Shoppers

November 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Every time you enter a retail store, you know security cameras are watching you from hidden and unknown locations. Automated security eyes watching you do anything and everything have flustered you big time, we know. But then it is their business to make sure you are being watched!

Okay, technology has now taken a new route on that terrain and it is now time for more creative stuff. Though this may sound spooky, the next time you walk into a department store it may not be those cameras placed somewhere your eyes don’t reach.  Instead, the mannequins you have admired all through will stare back at you even without you noticing it.

We have stumbled upon a report that details mannequins with cameras in their eyes that are programmed to tracking shoppers’ movements in stores.

Christened Eyesee, the new mannequins cost $5,000 and have been designed by Almax, an Italian company. The cameras have been programmed to register gender, race and approximate age of shoppers using facial recognition technology.

The technology that has software-enabled camera eyes embedded  in mannequins could come in for protests from among the shopper community for being scary and not respecting customer privacy. However, the stores and the makers feel otherwise.

The use of spy cameras is bound by legal norms. As per the US and European Union regulations, cameras may be used for security purposes, but stores need to put up signs warning customers that they could be filmed.

Currently used in a few European countries and the US, we just need to know how far the retailers would use them and how

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