Xbox TV Puts TV Entertainment and Causal Games On a Set-Top Box

November 22, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Have you by any chance come across any info on any of the next-generation videogame consoles of late? We get to hear that there are some serious machines coming from Sony and Microsoft , and they are said to be able to handle life-like graphics and all.

Rather than rumors, speculations and leaks, there hasn’t been any official word and they are still keeping their tight lipped status on their devices.

While they maintain silence, Nintendo Wii U came out few days ago starting the eighth generation videogame era , but still it seems like it need to go a lot to prove it to be a called as a next-gen console.

Now a job listing has stood up from Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business (IEB) division, which has three job slots for engineers to work on their new ‘cloud-based TV’ platform and “get in on the ground floor of an ambitious new project.”

The job post doesn’t have any other details on their so called “Cloud TV”. Alongside Microsoft’s next-gen console Xbox 720(Durango or whatever they call it) they are also building an Xbox set-top box device, now called as Xbox TV which is all part of their two-SKU strategy for the next generation load out. These two consoles are said to be gearing for a 2013 roll out and will probably release before the holiday season.

Xbox TV is intended as a stripped down version of Xbox that is dedicated for TV and entertainment services and it can also handle casual games. With this affordable set-top box, they are solely putting it up for the people who are looking more for entertainment features rather than hardcore gaming.

The device is said to be running on Windows 8 platform and will be an “always on” device with a chipset that can make snappy boot up time and quick resumes for getting into services in a second.

Microsoft is also planning to make their Xbox platform in to multiple devices like smartphones’ and TV OEMs to get those devices accessible with Xbox Live features.

Judging from all these, it’s pretty clear that Microsoft next -gen make over will not be just a hardware overhaul it will be a wider expansion on their software side too.

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