BlackJet Service Takes Off for Private Travellers

November 22, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Got some cash that is burning a hole in your pocket and a holiday to take off? If you do, flag down BlackJet.

The private plane charter service is available for use, according to the service’s official tweet. BlackJet is modeled after Uber cab, and their tweet has caught some high attention among flyers who are interested in getting an invite code.

If you are interested, and if you have $2,000 to spare, then you can have a go at the membership, for that’s the starting amount to sign in with them. After you gain a membership, you would have to pay $950 for short flights and $3,500 for flying across countries.

The BlackJet service, many say, is similar to Uber, which is a on-call private cab service that takes cab orders through an app. Uber co-founder, Garrett Camp, actually founded BlackJet, targeting those who enjoy flying without the hustle and bustle of commercial flights.

Private jets actually don’t fly much, as compared to commercial ones, and reportedly puts in just over an hour a day of light time, while commercial ones go through 11 hours. BlackJet uses these private jets that fly empty as they return to bases.

So even though the service won’t be owning any of the planes, they will get a cut of the fee. The initial flight route is announced to be between New York and Los Angeles or New York and Southern Florida, and San Francisco is touted to be the next destination.

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