Nudifier App Turns Any Photo into Censored Nude

November 21, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A fun iOS app to make your friends nude…and even your enemies too. A silly app, but fun nevertheless.
Nudifier can make the photo a fully clothed person be a nude, but with pixel censorship, which you see on TV, around their private parts. The app can also be used on animals!
To turn your friends into nude people, select the Nudefier’s eyedropper to select the skin color of your friend and draw that color over their loins.
The part where you draw on will later turn into pixelation. A great way to play a practical joke, and also a great way to blackmail your enemies.

The Nudifier app is optimized for the Retina Display so you’ll have proper entertainment with your iPhone 5. Head over to the App Store to get one of yours and start the rage of nudity.

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