Google Developing Alternative to Apple AirPlay Feature

November 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s AirPlay will soon get a challenger from Google’s house. The search giant is setting out to develop an alternative to the AirPlay application and hoping to catch the attention of device manufacturers and software vendors.

The first hint about Google’s plans was unveiled last week with a YouTube video. The video showed an AirPlay-like feature that could link Google TV and Android devices, thus enabling content transfer between them.

Google product manager, Timbo Drayson, commented that this is only the beginning. “We really want to move the whole industry forward,” he said.

YouTube had, in 2010, revealed a YouTube remote control app, and had integrated the same function into the YouTube app last year. The apps allowed users to playback videos on their mobile devices after pairing.

Google found that with the introduction of the pairing feature on YouTube, consumers spent considerably more time on YouTube, thus earning them revenues. So the company started to work on that, and the Google TV division has strived to make pairing easier.

Apple struck high with its wireless feature, and Apple TV is touted to be the best among video-streaming devices as consumers can use their iPhones and iPads to beam content to Apple TVs. But according to Drayson, the remote control functionality and content beaming isn’t the only thing that would work out in the end.

He explained that the new process which the company is developing would enable data to be transferred both ways. Developers can build second-screen experiences which would correspond to the content broadcasted live on TV; moreover, users can beam content from their laptops to their TVs too.

If Google perfects a similar technology, then it would help Android devices compete better with Apple’s iOS.

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