Apple iPads Link Up to Form Multi-iPad Table

November 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Touchscreen tables are grabbing attention everywhere. We had Microsoft awing us with the Surface Table, and now Apple’s iPad has laid down to give a bigger display.

The iPad table, which came out as a project of the Universal Mind interactive agency in Grand Rapids, consists of 15 iPads linked together to create one synchronized display. Joe Johnston and David Tucker together achieved this combined system by building up an industrial design of the table and the custom app that powers the connected iPads.

The object information is handed from one iPad to another through wireless LAN. The ‘hypercards’ moves across the iPad matrix, and double tapping one would make it expand into a webpage or other content.

The system is an interesting one, and can be useful in a conference, for a presentation or exhibition. Microsoft had developed its Surface table with similar ideas in mind: tourism, public and exhibit functions.

If linking up multiple iOS devices excites you, then head over to the App Store and check out Aachen University’s Mobile Multi Display app. DynaSign or Digital Signage X are also available for single-device inexpensive digital displays on the iPad.

iOS 6’s Guided Access allows non-jailbroken devices to lock in a particular app and limit the sensitive screen areas. It would disable the home and sleep buttons, thus you would be able to use the iPad as a kiosk device without many hassles.

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