Apple iPhone 5 Not Featuring in Black Friday Deals

November 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Those who were lying low when the iPhone 5 launched, and didn’t bother standing in line, instead opting to wait for the holiday deals to start, might be a little disappointed now. Black Friday 2012, which many look for as the unofficial start of the shopping season, has not put up a single, valuable iPhone 5 deal on the board.

Usually, Black Friday, of every year, is the day when most of the retailers and wireless carriers put up discounted offers on their phones and other electronic products. We have seen carriers like T-Mobile offering free phones, while Amazon and Wal-Mart have put up a slew of deals for the weekend.

But there still hasn’t been any mention of a credible Apple deal yet. Apple often steps up in the last minute with few deals up its sleeve, although they aren’t such juicy ones to pick on.

Last year, the iPhone 4S, which was released a month before Black Friday, was absent from the holiday deals. The company had put on offer $101 off MacBooks, $21 off the iPod touch, up to $61 off the iPad and $11 off the iPod nano during last holidays.

It might be because the iPhone 4S was a minor update to the iPhone 4 that Apple didn’t see it fit for any deals. But the iPhone 5 is a completely new piece of machine, and the company is still running short on supply even though the smartphone is about two months old now.

All newly ordered iPhone 5s have a 2-3 week shipping notice and with such heavy demand pressing in, Apple might not find any grounds to make holiday discounts on the phone. Moreover, the iPhone 5 was launched with a big subsidy in tow.

The iPhone 5 sells in the range of $649.99 and $849.99 if customers do not want to be bound with a new two-year contract, or if they are not eligible for an upgrade. A major chunk of owning an iPhone 5 would go to the service contract.

Individual subscribers who go in for the smartphone would have to pay $2, 118, which is the true price for the iPhone 5. So considering the hefty original price, users shouldn’t be too hung up on shaving off a few bucks from the iPhone 5’s purchase price.

This year’s holidays might see Apple bringing in some discounts for their MacBooks and iPads and iPods, although the iPad Mini most probably won’t be getting much savings. If you are looking to get an iPhone anyway, you could go for the discounted iPhone 4S, which starts at $99.

Waiting for Apple to offer some tempting iPhone 5 deals this Black Friday might not seem like a good thing. Watch the video below to get an idea of the Apple Black Friday deals.

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