Android Apps Offer Deals and Kicks for Holiday Shopping

November 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Gone are the days of bustling crowds in shopping malls, and long queues in front of checkout counters. The holiday seasons are now made easy by the explosion of online retailers and mobile apps that snag deals.

Here, we will be talking about three Android apps that would make your shopping for this holiday considerably lighter. They will get you deals that are not only online, but also in your vicinity.

First up is TGI Black Friday. This app, which has been updated for this year, will bring you up to date on the latest Black Friday deals, with a list of all the featured items and retailers.

You can scroll through the discounts by order of product, store name or category. The app also gives you the option of downloading a PDF of all the original ads.

The best part is that the app enables you to create a shopping list that will help you keep track of all the stuff you have an eye on. Check online at to have a peek at its database of deals.

Shopping apps wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t have one from the largest online retailer. Amazon Mobile has an array of discounted products, which the online mega-retailer keeps updating every day.

The main dashboard of the app will have a link to Black Friday deals and another one to Groupon-like daily deals, which will be specific to your area. Besides, if you are not looking for deals, you can always shop from the app for a product of your choice.

You can also do comparison shopping with Amazon’s bar code scanner; a great way to get the check out the best for a given price. The app also features a built-in photo search function, and although it works only for books, DVDs, CDs, and video games, you can utilise it to pick out your entertainment special for the day.

What’s the next best thing to shopping? Getting rewarded for the shopping you are already doing.

And for that, you need to have installed Shopkick. Shopkick will get you the best deals and will reward you for your purchases, thus making it a great buddy for the holiday shopping spree.

You earn ‘kickbucks’ while shopping, even for just checking in or scanning items in stores. You can use these kickbucks on your handset to redeem instant gift cards.

Each time you walk into a participating store, Shopkick will kick in a hot deal for that place. And you will certainly get a lot of kicks, as the app has as its partners, biggies like Target, Best Buy, and Macy’s.

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