Apple iMac Release Might be Pushed to 2013 Due to Production Difficulties

November 15, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s warnings about their new iMac model’s production hitting some snags seem to have deepened. Rumors point out that the manufacturing difficulty might push the availability of these new devices to next year.

The rumor rose from the French Mac enthusiast site MacBidouille, who say that the thinner, optical drive-less iMac models will debut in 2013, even though Apple’s US website says otherwise. The Official website has listed the 21.5-inch model to be available later this month, while the 27-inch model is said to launch next month.

Apparently, the rumored delay is caused by the company’s new technique in manufacturing, termed as “friction-stir welding.” The techniques uses intense heat and pressure in order to create even more seamless joints than previous methods.

Another difficulty reportedly faced is with the new screen lamination process. The new method is said to be more involved and difficult than the method used with earlier models.

According to reports from AppleInsider, the screen bonding that is used in the new iMac eliminates up to 2mm of thickness, which had resulted in the formation of an air gap in between the glass and display of previous models. Additionally, with an optical drive absent, the chassis could be thin- almost 5mm at the edges.

Apple will most likely offer consumers a chance to order their iMacs starting from the end of this month. You can expect the delivery times to draw out until the company can makes sure of supplying units properly.

This might just be as we saw in the case of initial orders of iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini. The new iMac might get severely stifled with demand in the holiday season, until Apple can make available higher units, and that might only happen towards the New Year.

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