Mujjo A/W 12-13 Touchscreen Gloves Ready for Winter

November 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Mujjo is famous for developing sleeves for smartphones and tablets. They are also renowned for making touchscreen gloves for the winter.

This winter too, we will be seeing Mujjo’s collection of winter touchscreen gloves, with improved characteristics. They have enhanced and worked on the insulation, the aesthetics, the anti-pilling properties and the fit.

The collection is called A/W 12-13 touchscreen gloves collection and you can purchase them in black, natural grey, sandstone, lavender and coral pink. The company did a great deal of research and went about testing different sizes and shapes on many hands to optimize the touchscreen gloves fit.

The new products have a higher density texture that improves insulation, and yet keeps the gloves’ stretch ability. Previously, Mujjo used to release gloves only in black, but now after many requests, they have released the new collection in 4 colors so as to make it match with your outfits.

The company did many a test on miles of yarn to have improved anti-pilling properties. This guarantees strength along with softness and durability.

Mujjo’s touchscreen gloves are really useful for the coming snowy days. Your normal gloves don’t work in the same way, so with these touchscreen gloves, you can type or txt without removing them.

The new collection is available in stores. You can visit Mujjo’s online store if you want to check in on them.

It’s going to get real frosty, so it would be better if you have a Mujjo glove on to handle your iPad outside.

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