Sony Lines Up New Tech Driven Camera; Mystery Device Might Show Up in 2013

November 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The rumor radar has blipped, and it’s about Sony’s upcoming camera. We hear there is a mysterious new Sony camera waiting to debut in 2013. So, it seem like the company has a new technology that might be an eye popper for the rest of the competitors.

Apart from the word mysterious, other details about the camera are still a mystery. For this moment, we don’t even have a bit of information to muddle our heads with wild speculations.

The recently released Sony RX1 had a similar buzz before its release, and when it got to the hands of reviewers it got praised for it professional foot in compact camera section.  Low light performance where impressive for RX1 and it is the first fixed lens full frame camera.

The International Consumer Electronic Show 2013 is the closest event that might showcase the major technology breakthrough, so there is a probable chance on seeing this enigmatic cam on the show floor.

What that might be? A camera with a camouflage or a super slim body could be anything. We can wait, right?

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