iOS WiFi Camera App Captures Images on Your iPad Using Another iPad Camera

November 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A smartphone’s appeal, more often than not, lies in its camera. Any wannabe photographers and those who like to spend each second of their lives clicking away, tend to get smartphones with good shooters.

With a whole array of smartphones sporting high-end cameras, it isn’t much of an issue. And with each operating system and updates, we are seeing a lot of photo apps snake their way in to make snapping easier and more enjoyable.

I think the most photography apps that have struck home is for iOS 6. We have a new one now, from the hands of developer Daniel Amitay.

The new applications bring in WiFi camera- a new remote-photography tool. For the app to work, you need to link up two iOS devices, either your iPhone or iPad, through WiFi or Bluetooth.

You can send an invite from one device to another, and after accepting, you can stream the image of what the other device’s camera is looking at. When the app is all set, you can take a picture from either of the device, thus effectively capturing the image from the other device’s camera.

Even though you get a blurry stream, the image you take will be having its full clear resolution.  The application is particularly useful if you need to take a group photo and no one else is around to take it.

All you need to do is setup your friend’s camera and then take a picture using your iOS device. The application, when activated, will start to search for any devices that are running WiFi camera, and the options will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Just select one and start linking. Quite a useful and cool app to have on hand!

You can get one for free from the App Store. Download it and tell us how you used it.

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