MasterCard Announces Display Card with Keypad and Display

November 8, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nowadays almost everything that is solid is getting a keyboard or touchscreen on it. The latest innovation is MasterCard’s new Display Card.

The new card will roll your credit/debit or ATM card into one with an authentication token. There will be a keypad and a LCD display featured on the surface which will be your authentication portion to deliver the one-time password (OTP).

But you needn’t worry with all the extra fittings. MasterCard says that the new card will look and functions almost exactly like your old credit, debit or ATM card. The major advantage with the Display Card is that you needn’t carry around a separate authentication device when you use it.

Many banks, at present, issue a separate authentication token to their customers who indulge in online banking services, especially for those who do high-risk transactions like transfer of huge amounts or changing personal details etc. but that need is eliminated with the Display Card.

Maybe, as time goes on, Display Cards could even show us our existing credit balance, reward points or transaction history. As of now, only Standard Chartered, along with a few European Banks, have announced that they would be delivering the Display Cards to their customers in Singapore.

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