Obama Tweet Creates History; 350,000 Retweets and Counting

November 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Okay, it is official. Barack Obama stays put at the White House for yet another term. The television networks have started celebrating and many are digging deep into the campaigning process that helped the President come out trumps.

As has been expected, technology platforms are the ones that have won many laurels.  Twitter has seen the crux of Obama excitement with the President tweeting galore. And, obviously the tweets signed ‘bo’ has been lapped up by thousands all across the globe.

A significant tweet comes in the form of a picture – the image showing the First lady and the President in a tight embrace. The caption reads : Four More Years.

This particular tweet has gone viral and in just an hour since tweeting,  it got retweeted over 350,000 times. The tweet also got favorited 120,000 times.

The popularity of the tweet has set aside that of the previous most popular tweet of all time. The tweets that Obama’s tweet dislodged were that of Justin Bieber’s, which had recorded 200,000 retweets.

This could be just the beginning. Before the day ends, we guess Obama’s tweet will post more numbers.  Head for Twitter, and be part of the tweeting history being made now.

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