Verizon Apps to Close Down from January 2013

November 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Verizon Wireless announced that it will be terminating its app store for Android and BlackBerry devices. The app store, which was alive for three years, will be closed down in January 2013 after a dismal performance.

It was in March 2010 that the leading US mobile carrier introduced the app store under the name of VCast App Store. Later, the carrier changed the name to Verizon Apps, but even then the store didn’t catch much of customer affection.

The store would provide apps to Android and BlackBerry users on the carrier, and under the terms set down by Verizon’s store, developers could provide the apps and keep 70 percent of the proceedings while the remaining 30 percent would be Verizon’s revenue.

But since it was the same with other app stores, developers didn’t give it much attention. For them, selling their apps on existing app stores, which were already doing well and popular, was easier and better than wasting their efforts on a carrier-specific store.

Verizon admitted to the same in a statement given while their decision to shutter the app store was made.“Most apps existing on Verizon Apps are already available on multiple app storefronts, such as Google Play, Amazon, and BlackBerry App World.”

Verizon Apps customers could pay directly for their app purchases directly on their wireless bill. But this feature was later adopted by Google for their Google Play Store, which added to the competition.

The carrier has announced that the process of closure will start from January 2013, and will proceed until March 27th.

After the storefront is removed, customers will be unable to make new purchases and all apps that require a monthly license check will close down too; Verizon has confirmed that such apps like subscription and usage-based apps will be removed from the carrier’s catalog early in the process.

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