Apple iOS 6.1 Update Allows Users to Purchase Movie Tickets

November 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Getting movie tickets during big releases is always a pain in the neck. Long lines often give me headaches, I hate getting jostled around and when I finally reach the counter, the tickets would have sold out.

So when I heard that Apple would be adding a feature on iOS that would enable us to get movie tickets, I was pretty excited. The new feature will be on board the upcoming update of iOS 6.1 and it would add in as a Siri capability.

Apple has already rolled the beta version of iOS 6.1 for the new iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to developers, and they, after having the software in their hands, remarked that the feature would work through an app called Fandango. In order to buy movie tickets, the user needs to only ask their iPhone or iPad to buy tickets for a certain movie.

Apple described how the feature would work when asked to purchase tickets. The applicable showtimes and theater information will be displayed when the user asks for Siri’s help.

Then, when the user clicks on the buy movie tickets button, the Fandango app will lead them to purchase the tickets. In case the Fandango app is not installed, Siri will provide with a download button to download the app from the App Store.

However, there is a catch. Apple has announced that only users in the US will be able to purchase tickets through this system. Moreover, there is the added issue of the feature not being compatible with all theaters.

Those theaters which will be supported by the feature will be listed by Siri, along with the small ticket icons. The feature is a cool way to grab tickets without much sweat, and it would be really great if Apple could bring in support of all theaters.

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