Apple iPad Mini Screen Test Reveals Smaller Pixels than iPad 2

November 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Why did Apple release the iPad Mini? To compete with the other 7-inch boys in town seems too clichéd an answer.

Because, while the other 7-inch slates have affordable price to start with, the iPad Mini is both expensive, and it lacks a few of the mainstream specs you hope to see for that price. Take for instance, the screen of the device, which many feel is a big let-down.

People are disappointed with the fact that Apple didn’t provide with a pixel dense Retina Display on the iPad Mini, when all the other new iOS devices like the iPad 4, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch come with one. But that doesn’t mean the screen is good-for-nothing.

The diminutive iPad’s screen is much better than the iPad 2 because of its smaller pixels. An examination of screens was done at Repair Labs, where the guys put every iPad screen under the lens to compare their pixel size.

They found that the iPad 1 and iPad 2 have got similar pixel size, and likewise with iPad 3 and iPad 4, but the pixel size of the iPad Mini is smaller. When set besides the Retina Display iPads, the Mini’s pixels aren’t big enough.

According to Repair Labs, the smaller size of the iPad Mini necessitates a few sacrifices, and the exclusion of the Retina Display is one of the sacrifices that Apple had to make. It was difficult, they say, to accommodate such a display on such a small chassis.

But the interesting fact that they noted was that the difference between the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini was not that huge when examined under the microscope. Under examination, it was found that the pixels of the Retina Display are only 2/3 the size of the iPad Mini.

Since the screen of the Mini is smaller, the pixels are packed a lot closer and densely. That’s the reason why people don’t notice it with the naked eye.

So that’s probably one reason why you shouldn’t worry about the screen. Even without the Retina Display, you get an impressive screen with good pixel density on the iPad Mini.

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