Eye-Movement Tracking Allows for Stronger Password Protection

November 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We, security conscious people, try to keep upgrading our security features to date (I’m not talking about the locks on our doors, but the passwords of our computers). We dream up all kinds of password protection for our computers, like facial recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint scanner etc.

There’s a new type around the corner which has the possibility of becoming popular. A computer scientist named Oleg Komogortsev, from Texas State University- San Marco, is busy patching up a system that can identify people based on the way they flicker their eyes while staring at the screen.

Apparently, researchers note that, like fingerprints, no two people in the world have the same eye-movement. When two people trace the same path, each moves their eyes differently.

This principle is what Komogortsev is going to use. “We are seeing there are enough differences so we can talk about this as a biometric,” he said.

The research would take years of work to be perfected. Komogortsev feels that eye movements could be an important feature in the next-generation of biometrics, iris scans like those used in some airports and companies.

Moreover, there’s the added security to iris scanners. Researchers have proved that a person could fool an iris scanner by holding up a high res printout of the correct person’s eye in front of the scanner or by printed contacts. But with this eye-movement tracking technology, that could prevent such fraudulent cases.

Kevin Bowyer, an iris-scanning researcher from the University of Notre Dame remarked that there’s progress of refining and perfecting in Komogortsev’s research. According to him, if the research moves smoothly, then they could field test an eye-movement tracking machine within 2-3 years.

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