Boulder Dash-XL heads for iOS

November 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After charming gaming enthusiasts with earlier episodes of the Boulder Dash hit series, HeroCraft and co-publisher First Star Software have now pushed out the latest sequel titled Boulder Dash-XL to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

As you all know, the Boulder Dash series had come unto us in the early 80s. The series had then made a huge fan base and continues to be a favorite.

Easily a topper among retro games, the game series has sold more than a million titles even as the core gameplay continues to unchanged for the past several years.

The gameplay had been featuring players racing against time to collect diamonds an in the meantime defeating enemies and staying clear of traps galore.

Now with the sequel arriving on iOS, players will get to enjoy the gameplay akin to what others have been doing for around three decades.

The game on iOs comes for $2.99  and has five game modes and more than 100 caves. Players can elect to play as either Rockford or Crystal in four beautiful and different worlds.

Significantly, Boulder Dash-XL also includes telescopic arms for remote manipulation of objects; teleporters and numerous new enemies.

Are you logging on?

Here’s the trailer.

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