Windows Phone 8 Delay Was Part of the Strategy, Says Microsoft

October 31, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With new devices and software piling up in a small time period, delaying Windows Phone 8 was a tactic, says MS. To become the top competitor is a difficult task for WP8 as other OSes has made a strong foothold in the tech industry.

But Windows has been there and they surely know how to tackle the obstacles. The only question remaining is ‘Will they’? WP8 is loaded with a whole new section of goodies that can catch some consumers.

Microsoft has brought its newest social networking method called “Rooms,” offering it in Windows Phone 8’s People Hub. Rooms users can create sets of people with whom they can communicate privately, and users can set up their own Rooms as required. Users can see what people in a Room are up to on their social networks, and can share notes and calendars among people in a Room.

Users can invite iPhone and Windows Phone 7 users to a Room. They can get part of the Room’s experience such as the calendar, but not the full experience. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of Microsoft’s mobile OS is Data Sense, which will help prevent users from going over their data plan’s limits.

Data Sense compresses Web pages users browse. It helps users find nearby Wi-Fi hotspots so they can use them instead of their cellular minutes.

Data Sense automatically adjusts the way users’ Windows Phone 8 phones behave as they get close to their plan’s limits. The feature also gives users an overall look at their data usage and shows how much data each of their apps is using.

A new version of Skype that is always on and so is ready to receive a call or message at any time without running its code in background and draining device’s battery has been built for WP8.

An optimized version of the Facebook app that lets users optimize their lock screens with information from that app and a new version of Twitter, with notifications and other features, have been built also for WP8.

Pandora for Windows Phone 8 will be available in early 2013, and will come with one year of ad-free music. So if these things get it pumping up, WP8  is going to be one of the most popular OSes in the world.

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