Microsoft CEO Stars in Commercial for Windows Phone 8 After More Than Two Decades

October 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s been 26 years since Steve Ballmer first appeared on screen. At that time, during the year 1986, he was seen starring in a commercial for Microsoft, presenting the finer aspects of Windows 1.0.

Now, in 2012, the present CEO of Microsoft features in a commercial again; this time for their Windows Phone 8 event. A change from the highly charged and energy-driven presentation he gave two decades ago, Ballmer’s voice-over in the commercial was well-spoken and calm.

The CEO went on about advices he gets from different people, ranging from Bill Gates to his wife, on his HTC Windows Phone 8X; advices which he finds useful (considering a purple typecover for Surface) to advices which he obeys (wear a blue shirt!). The video is primarily an illustration of the functionality of the Windows Phone’s live tiles.

It also stamps down Microsoft’s evolution in the industry. With a whole lot of user interfaces and OS concepts evolving and growing, Microsoft is showing what they are capable of doing, and that they are on hot wheels for the race in the market.

Check out both the videos below.

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