Zynga Draw Something Comes to Windows Phone; Limited to Lumia Users for 2 Months

October 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After a long wait, Zynga has finally released the popular game Draw Something for the Windows Phone OS platform. This game is currently available only for Nokia Lumia smartphones and this exclusive offer will last for the next two months.

Draw Something has been available on iOS and Android based smartphones but failed to appear on the newer Windows Phone 7 OS till now.

Zynga spent $210 million on the social Pictionary style game but it had already reached the saturation level and began to shorten down shortly after the acquisition.

While Draw Something is not earning the $360,000 per day on iOS device it brought in during its initial days, the game is still earning a significant amount of money for Zynga.

The Pictionary game makes users to draw a word remotely on their phones, while another friend attempts to guess that word. The game is cross-platform and has rocketed to the top of mobile social-gaming.

Many users have begged and pleaded with Omgpop to bring it to Windows Phone and it looks like their prayers have been finally answered.

The game is about 7MB in size and is of course free for users. It is not an Xbox title and therefore there is no achievements list or anything like that. The game also features notifications that let users know that it’s their turn.

The game requires an email or your Facebook to connect up and play friends, so be prepared for that aspect. Games released next for Windows Phone from Zynga will be the popular Words with Friends social game and Zynga Poker.

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