LG’s Nexus 4 Start Guide Reveals Wireless Charging Option

October 29, 2012, By Alex Badinici

The upcoming Lumia phones to feature wireless charging aren’t the only ones to have this unique and futuristic aspect.

The start guide of LG’s Nexus 4 has shown that this device will also have the feature. With more and more images leaking every day, it’s worthy to know that this phone will have this feature using which the tangling of charging wires can be mitigated once and for all.

On Friday, an image supposedly showing what the LG Nexus 4’s wireless charging pad will look like was leaked to the internet by an anonymous tipster. Three varieties of wireless charging accessories for Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 handsets are currently available for pre-order: the plate, the stand and the ‘Fatboy pillow’.

All three options will be available in colors to match the Lumia phones themselves, including red, yellow, blue, white and black. According to the latest reports, though, the LG Nexus 4 will only be available in black or white, so the Nokia phones may well have the aesthetic advantage at least.

LG posted up quick start guides for the Nexus 4 (LG-E960) last Friday night, confirming that it will come in both 8GB and 16GB models.  Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Sandy, this phone will no longer be unveiled officially tomorrow in NYC.

Google has yet to announce a new date for another event, but if they plan on doing it in NYC still, it could be a few days as the hurricane will likely to last for some days, according to the weather reports.

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