Apple iPad Mini Smart Cover Available for $39

October 29, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s iPad Mini, which has gone up for pre-order, was sold out within 20 minutes. The white model was the one that was favored by customers and demand for the White Mini surpassed Apple’s supply.

If you are one among the fortunate ones who could order a white iPad Mini, then you might have noticed the availability of a Smart Cover shining in the corner. The Smart Cover for the iPad Mini, at a price of $39, has the same price as that of the Smart Cover for the larger iPad.

The smaller version of the cover is available in six colors of polyurethane and you can attach the cover by wrapping it onto the side of the tablet. That, I feel, is a lot safer than having to use the aluminum hinge of the larger iPad.

Customers can upgrade to a Smart Cover made of leather material for the normal iPad, but the iPad Mini, unfortunately, doesn’t have that choice. With such huge demand for the iPad Mini, Apple might face a similar supply crisis like the one we saw for the iPhone 5 during last quarter.

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