LG Moving Towards WebOS Smart TV; Prototype Soon

October 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With the next CES only months away, there are rumors that WebOS TV will be the most attractive segment at the show. It’s also speculated that LG will be debuting its own product in that range that might turn the tables for the electronic giant in this segment.

How LG plans to achieve the target is still unknown as the procedural complication for the manufacturing of a WebOS TV is much more difficult than what it sounds like.

Obviously, LG has signed an agreement with HP to use the webOS service earlier this year.

To that end, engineers at the two companies have reportedly been working together and LG has allegedly sent its dual-core L9-powered motherboards to webOS employees to test in-house.

Folks at webOS Nation claim that popular Smart TV applications, like Netflix, will be rebuilt using the Enyo software used for making HTML5 apps.

During last month, HP had announced that the very first version of the Open webOS was complete and they released it to the public. The company also posted 54 new job openings that will pump up the whole team.

These developments point to a lot of work ahead for webOS to get it ready for a main stage debut.

That also points to the fact that the full fledged debut at the next CES  is unlikely. But everyone does expect a prototype model with all the functionality.

The company has also said it still plans to use the operating system for future tablets and smartphones, despite the drastic failure of the HP TouchPad and Palm Pre 3.

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