Witness People Getting Hacked; HoneyMap Will Help You Do That

October 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you have ever dreamt of knowing who all are getting hacked around the world, this is your dream come true. Known as the HoneyMap, this map will give you all the places in the world where hacking is done.

Each red dot on the map represents an attack on a computer. Yellow dots represent honeypots, or systems set up to record incoming attacks. The black box on the bottom says where each attack is coming from as they come in.

The HoneyMap was originally built as a hacking project that was meant to combine the group’s tools with fancier technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 in a visually pleasing way. Mission accomplished, the team at HoneyNet is now looking for more data.

They provide the tools to help you set up and add your own honeypot to the HoneyMap. The Honeynet Project is a worldwide chain of honeypots that track these attacks.

Some members of the network haven’t yet put in their data to the map, so it currently tends to display more attacks across Europe. If observed closely, one can notice that Aachen in Germany is getting absolutely battered, but actually it’s just because the honeypot there captures attacks across quite a large range of IP addresses.

The HoneyMap was started together as a normal project that will take up 2-3 days by Florian Weingarten and Mark Schloesser from the Research Group IT-Security of RWTH Aachen University. Mark has been active in the Honeynet Project for quite some time and is the author of hpfeeds and one of the developers of the dionaea honeypot. For the HoneyMap, he wrote the hpfeeds geo-location lookup tool as well as the node.js module which connects the HoneyMap back-end to hpfeeds. Florian wrote the front-end code of the HoneyMap as well as parts of the node.js server back-end.

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