Protect Your Android Phone by Encrypting All the Data In It

October 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There have been times when users wanted to keep away all their phone data from others. Look what’s happening now. It doesn’t matter if the owner is an underworld don or some high class business professional or just a normal guy – anyone out there can encrypt their Android phone with the built in settings.

All that is needed is an hour or two and the phone should have enough battery charge for the whole process to go uninterrupted. Here is how it’s done.

In Samsung phones, there are options under the ‘Security’ tab in ‘Settings’ menu that will help in putting a password for unlock screen and also there are options for encrypting the data as well.

The screen lock can be a password, a lock pattern or a pin. Whatever this is, do remember to make it sophisticated as possible so that the user won’t forget it and the intruder won’t figure it out.

Then there is the encryption option. Users have to plug-in their phone if they are choosing this option. This is because, the phone might take more than an hour to complete the encryption process and there is risk if the phone runs out of battery in before the encryption is complete.

Users can encrypt accounts, settings, downloaded applications, and their data, media, and other files. Once they encrypt their device, a password will be required to decrypt it each time they power it on.

The next screen offers information about the consequences, and an option to run a fast encryption instead of a full device encryption.

A fast encryption will only encrypt the used memory space and not all the device space. These methods are highly effective and if you have sensitive data on your phone, you should check these methods out.

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