Memoto Clicks a Picture Every 30 Seconds of Your Life

October 25, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This is the age of social networking and micro-blogging, where each point in one’s life need to updated online for friends and the public. Photos, perhaps, are most frequently used to effectively describe an event, and with so many advanced cameras at hand, uploading one’s latest capture isn’t much of a problem.

But most of the time, a captured moment might not be the right, ‘magical’ moment that needed capturing. A click might slip by a few seconds of the desired event and be lost forever.

This is why this latest addition to the world of point-and-shoot is an interesting innovation. Memoto would most likely grip the masses to take them to the next level of social blogging.

Memoto is a small device that came out from a Swedish company, and this device can be strapped on to your clothes and it will snap a photo every 30 seconds. The 5-megapixel device runs on a battery that would deliver for two days.

Along with snapping up pictures, the device also ropes in GPS data and orients the image with its in-built accelerometer. The thoughts behind Memoto have been in motion for over a year now, and the Swedish company has strained to make this a simple yet effective device.

In order to store the photos it shoots, Memoto employs a cloud service. After you connect the device to the computer, the images can be retrieved from the cloud service and they will be arranged in chronological order.

It even offers GPS data that help in advanced searches. So if you are looking for a particular photo taken at a park, you can search for it using the date or the name of the park or a combination of the two.

After you upload to the cloud storage, you can view and search your photos with your iPhone or Android app (they are still under development). One interesting feature to note is that the device only works when it’s worn; when you keep it on a table, the device automatically switches off and saves battery.

Memoto started off with a Kickstarter campaign and has already raised over $100,000. When device hits shelves, it will retail for $279, while backers would be offered the device in any of the three colours- black, white or orange- along with one year of cloud storage.

If you are interested in Memoto, then head over here to lend your support for the Kickstarter project.

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