ADS Home Control Automated Systems integrate energy-saving ergonomics with advanced security

October 23, 2012, By Alex Ion

We do spend loads of time pondering over the fancy gadgets, big screen TVs, latest gizmos and coolest devices currently in the market and many of us make grand plans about bringing them home.

But as we bring home these cool yet expensive gadgets, we tend to often forget about putting in place a security system, either at home or at our office, which will secure the area and offer some much needed safety.

Considering how 1 in every 6 homes in the US will have a burglary, it makes great sense in installing a safe and quality security system that will serve well beyond providing the mere basics.

As we look out for such a wide-ranging system, the Home Control Automated System from ADS surely has caught our eye thanks to thesimple fact that it is convenient and comprehensive in more than one way.

The simple advantage of an integrated automation system is that it can be custom designed for each home and the solutions offered by the automated home control not only help in creating a safe environment, but also do so without wasting your own time or effort. The elaborate system promises to lock or unlock your doors, manage all of your homes locks, switching on and off of appliances and a whole lot more.

The Home Control comes with an ability to integrate video surveillance as well and this is a handy asset for those who would like to monitor either their kids or pets at home from workplace or elsewhere. The feature that we love the best is of course, the way you can simply use your PC, tablet or mobile to control all the security settings, receive latest alerts and updates, watch streaming videos, control the lights and other small gadgets and alter the thermostat.

Part from security, this means you can get your home all lighted-up and warm enough even before you set foot inside.

Considering how energy costs are on the up, the automation system allows you to save up on power consumption and cut down on bills as well; a great green feature that is more than welcome in a world that is quickly becoming highly eco-conscious.

The Home Control Automated System offers peace of mind, simplicity when it comes to handling your home, remote convenience and definitely seems like one of the best options available in market today for those looking for a quality total package. It reminds us that home security systems need not be cumbersome and boring!

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