Building Mobile Apps Takes Just 5 Minutes with the iBuildapp

October 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A few days ago, there occurred the 22nd bi-annual DEMO conference that showcased 75 companies and their innovative demos and technologies.

Of these, VentureBeat was proudly showing off an app called ‘iBuildapp’, which enables any layman to create an iOS or an Android app in just about 5 minutes. Another specialty of this app is that the user need not be familiar with any codes for creating an app. This app has turned out to be so popular after the conference and we think it deserves all the limelight it now enjoys.

All one needs to do is choose an app design, plug-in elements like an RSS feed, social media feed, or photo album, and then upload their content.

The company will also host the apps, and makes it easy for the users to send updates as well. iBuildApp’s CEO Rafael Soultanov says that the company has recently rebuilt its plug-in architecture, allowing developers to create their own useful extensions for other iBuildApp customers to use.

The company is opening up a marketplace for the extensions, which will allow developers to make a few bucks from their creations and will also give another way to speed up their app development.

Main competitors are PhoneGap and AppCelerator’s Titanium platform. One can make apps for free on iBuildApp’s platform, if they don’t mind the company’s brand and ads within their app.

Custom apps with personalized user branding starts at $9.99 a month/$99 a year, which includes downloads up to 200 in number.

The company claims that more than 11,000 apps have been downloaded from its platform by more than 180,000 app builders since its launch in 2010.

Overall, iBuildApp’s platform has led to over 230,000 apps being built, and more than 60,000 of those were published.

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