Apple iPad Mini Expected on October 23rd; Event to Focus on iBooks

October 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What happened to be a rumor till yesterday has now been confirmed and new details have surfaced. As per the information from multiple sources, the iPad Mini will make its debut on October 23rd at an Apple event.

The information also suggests that the event will be concentrating mainly on iBooks as these will help the upcoming iPad Mini in competing against Kindle devices and other competitors.

The small form factor tablet market that is currently lead by Amazon’s Kindle Fire has seen success by widening its base of users with low-cost devices to push content sales. Apple is also expected to take a similar track and offer the iPad mini at a price comparable to its competitors like Google’s Nexus 7.

These claims are in line with previous reports that said Apple is attempting to keep the unit’s retail price down by using a non-Retina display, as well as other relatively low-cost components.

Some days before, Apple had requested its Asian suppliers to make over ten million iPad minis for the fourth quarter, signaling the company’s confidence in high sales for the holiday shopping season.

A launch on the 23rd would upset rival Microsoft, which will launch its new Windows 8 operating system on Thursday the 25th. Microsoft also has its own tablet computers ready to go on sale and a new Apple tablet would draw some attention away from those products.

Meanwhile, on October 25th, Apple will announce its fiscal Q4 earnings which of course will grab some press attention too.

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