Photos of iPad Mini Leak before Launch Event; Rear Panel and Lightning Dock Connector Shown

October 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Even Apple can’t resist inquisitive eyes that leak images of upcoming devices and gadgets. The latest leaked photos reveal the back side as well as the lightning dock connector of the upcoming iPad Mini.

From the photos, it is evident that Apple wants to compete directly against Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7 as the size is exactly 7 inches. Will this product top the sales margin the coming season? All will have to wait for the answer to that question.

Some sources have indicated recently that the iPad Mini may come in a Wi-Fi only version. That wouldn’t be unlike the Nexus 7 or standard Kindle Fire, but would deviate from Apple’s previous iPads, all of which came with the option of 3G coverage.

With a smaller, more affordable model, Apple would certainly be able to mark a strong foothold on that segment of the market that’s opted for Google and Amazon’s smaller tablets, even with the purported lack of 3G or 4G capabilities.

Additionally, the new speculated images of the iPad Mini reveals very well the looks of the upcoming iPad mini. The images show an iPad Mini resting on top of a new iPad to show the difference in size.

The shots also reveal the iPad Mini may include a Lightning connection, which Apple recently switched over to with the iPhone 5.

These images of the iPad Mini matches well with images leaked back in September, right down do the rear-facing camera, and the still unexplained hole on the top rear of the device.

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